Friday, June 16, 2006

i'm cheating

Dearest readers,
Well I'm in kent, Ct.right now.
I wasn't expecting to be here till tomorrow, but plans changed. Company changed.
My good ol' buddy fascist frank decided to start going north bound again.
For all of you who do not know who frank is here's the story:
scene- ny nj border, noon, sunny on a rock next to a black rat snake
characters- Dent burntrap, Frank the Fascist
dent - (walking)
Frank - (walking and whistling)
Frank - oh hello, how are you? um do you happen to have any extra fooooooood? ( he literally said it like that)
Dent - uhhh who are you?
Frank - Frank so fooooood?
Dent - well as a matter of fact i do happen to have some extra foooooood.
here. (hands frank food)
Frank - ooohhhh God bleeess you kind man you know i was just talking to the bus driver and i told him i was leaving the city to you know get away you know from you know the accursed race..... you know?
dent - uhhhh
Frank - and a guy on the bus got up and he came up to me and stood there and i was just expressing my right to have an opinion cause were in america right and this guy says don't start man and i get a little nervous because you know how the accursed race likes to sue and all they just sue sue sue and this guy that was standing in my face you know what he did? he punched me in the jaw. thats right you know leave it to a black man to do that. trample on an americans rights and all that. well you know thats what the whole aids thing is in africa the accursed race deal playing itself out to punish them.

dent- Who?
Frank - you know black people. and the bishop agrees.
Dent - the bishop what bishop are you referring to?
frank - THE Bishop
Dent - oh....Well i'm not all that suprised you got punched you might want to curb your tongue a little bit and maybe even your world view
Frank - (taking it like i just said an amazing joke) HAAAhahahahah yeah right.
Dent - right, well i'm out.


well that was my first experience with frank
but not my last.
a few days later i say him again at the graymoor abbotry
but this time he had all new gear ( i forgot to mention last time i saws him he was in blue jeans and was carrying a pillowcase for a bag)
he had a new pack cloths tent everything. i talked to the other hikers and they said he didn't have that stuff less than hour ago. so i asked frank about it and his response was "Don't ask."

on that same day i found out they found a hikers corpse near where we were hiking just off the at. it was completely eaten by animals so just the skeleton was found, but authorities identified it as a hiker. and get this his pack was gone..........
uh ohhhhh

anyways thats why i'm cheating right now i'm trying to put a few miles between me and him. i'm not frightened of him; he just annoys the crap out of me. and i hate having to always watch my stuff like a hawk.

on another note. the abbottry did not repeat did not have a death mask of st. francis
it has one of two statues cast from his death mask. i got pictures.
i also got pictures of a statue of pope pious the somthing wearing a really neat hat.

my mail drop schedule is almost on time again so the list is once again correct
if you want anything to get to me on time you must send it priority mail. perishables being sent? talk to my mom first to find out where i'm at and where really to send it to. you all know my # and my mom.
speaking of which it's my moms birthday today so you all should call her anyways.

Happy birthday Mom I love you.

I sent some pictures to eric that he'll hopefully be posting soon.
Eric you got that?
well i'm out of time.

Still alive,
Dent Burntrap

Friday, June 02, 2006

thus far......

dearest readers,

first i must say ouch.
secon unhhhhh,
and third ..........
this is me pretty much all of the time now.
here's the low down thus far for all of those who care.

pennsylvania? a terrible state that the union probably would be better without.
spiders? i defy you
snakes? you strike at my ankles and i crush your head. eat scripture and die.
people? eh they're just these guys, ya know?
150 miles? farewell rocks in PA hello rattlesnakes in nj

well im out of time for now
tonight i'm going to an acid caberet show at the deerhead jazz lounge
for some much needed r&r and maybe a stiff drink
like gatorade ya know or scotch
maybe both
well byebye
hopefully i'll have some more time to write a bit more in a few days
until then
with all my love

Dent Burntrap.