Friday, June 02, 2006

thus far......

dearest readers,

first i must say ouch.
secon unhhhhh,
and third ..........
this is me pretty much all of the time now.
here's the low down thus far for all of those who care.

pennsylvania? a terrible state that the union probably would be better without.
spiders? i defy you
snakes? you strike at my ankles and i crush your head. eat scripture and die.
people? eh they're just these guys, ya know?
150 miles? farewell rocks in PA hello rattlesnakes in nj

well im out of time for now
tonight i'm going to an acid caberet show at the deerhead jazz lounge
for some much needed r&r and maybe a stiff drink
like gatorade ya know or scotch
maybe both
well byebye
hopefully i'll have some more time to write a bit more in a few days
until then
with all my love

Dent Burntrap.

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