Wednesday, July 19, 2006

AT Laser mayhem!!!

Aaron has sent me the second disk. The pictures are phenomenal... It is true, life is rough on the trail -- probably a little harder than any of us could imagine... I'm sure there are a few things contained within these photographs that Aaron hasn't felt comfortable trying to explain to us, but... as you will see, these are things that most aren't comfortable even trying to imagine. Who would believe you could tie a cloud to mountain.... nobody, until now. WE HAVE DOCUMENTED PROOF! Its weird, some of the photos look like they've been altered, but believe you me, these are straight from Aaron's camera... or as some might say, the horse's mouth ( what horse? and why were these pictures in its mouth?). Things to look out for... pixelated moose, the infamous cloud harness, trail demons, majestic cathedrals, dead marmots, the point of all things, really steep landscapes, poo water, the new 12 tribes of Israel, the laser blasting bridge, floating spheres, and lots of halos.


Anna Nym said...

Quite the adventure. I particularly enjoyed the Woman and the Water Tower and the Rocket Silo.

madam tyrant said...

Dear god...why do you have to make churches so creepy? Thanks, T-bone