Wednesday, July 05, 2006

With Love and Overabundance

The most suicidal dog you've ever seen.


Dent is good at making friends... I'm sure this guy was awesome... Looks like he stole Grant's jacket.

More friends.


Shout out.

Timelaps Poopography.

Guess why? Aaron Thigh.

This one kind of looks like Grant is holding up an exploding cabin.

Ahhh Haitians.

Ahhh Police.

All I can think is Hannible. Sorry.


TheGrza said...

Your toeses are pretty A-ron, especially when I sees insides them.

ETC said...

Nature photography demonstrating the shear beauty of the trail.

Self-portraits showing the torment, longing, and loneliness of the trail.

Timelaps Poopography, a new form of photography... self explanitory + flies.

There seems to be a large lack of photos of broadswords... You'll need to start working on that one.


Buckaroo Bansai eat your heart out.
A bunch of pictures is worth a bunch of thousands of words.
Painfully truthful as far as the feet go.
I've been there and done that.
Lots to see not much to say except ahhhh my dogs are killin me.

armada_88 said...

holy crap,
your feet are grooser than mine!!!
you poor poor bastard.

Anna Nym said...

When I sees toes like dat, I thinks now dare's a man who ain't gonna runnofta nowhere.

Ya know, I gots a real nice sister.

dent burntrap said...

laws yes....