Saturday, July 01, 2006

a new era of awesome

dearest public,
I'm writing to you all from the lovely state of Vermont.
I'm still alive, still kickin' aquatic mammals, and breathing (barely)
My morale has been shedded paper thin then burnt to a crisp my body has been beaten to a pulp that might remind one of pabst mixed with v8 and everyone knows how much i appreciate that abhorent, mildly obscene beverage of awesome.
well i'm typing this now to let everyone know this:
I ain't dead yet.
I can still walk which means i will still walk.
I once was not thinking on these lines.
One time I said to myself that oh i won't push myself to cause pemanent damage.
It's not worth it.
that was then
now i say skrew it the damage is done.
I can still walk
two days ago i was thinking of coming home.
that was before i met a play write and director.
this lady ruined my life
it's not the trail that will wreck me it's the cities.
and everyone in them.
well not everyone. just actors and directors.
and security at the clark.
by the way i had my art show yesterday.
the critics hated it.
but what do they know?
i must say it was rather a flop and i was pretty upset that Banjo didn't show up
but who can blame her?
not me.
well onward to manchester center.
after another night in a secret world through yet another tube.
bew bew bew
dada dada dada
with all my pain,

dent burntrap



typin to let u know i'm rootin for ya
on yer route.
Keep on keepin on my friend.

TREV of the TOR

dent burntrap said...

rootin...route? classic....
fascist frank once said dent is gonna stay in his tent
and i added because im freakin spent......

ETC said...

yet one must not relent
done be gettin bent
outta shape like wet cement
Found a change purse filled with heaven cents
gotta find few more so I can pay July's rent