Monday, July 16, 2007


stupid trail.

Upon arrival at the hiker's welcome hostel I notice 2 things.

1. The royal tenenbaums is on the tele. This same movie was playing last year when I departed. Oddly enough I had seen it 2 other times at other hostels as well.

2. Not 10 minutes after my arrival we all hear a huge crash next to the sliding door (we thought it was from upstairs at first) We finally look outside and see that a garbage can's missing. Bears. We run outside to check out the scene and I notice a trail from the trash can and at the end of this trail is a set of glowing eyes. Mount Cameron and I, Dent Burntrap, decide to investigate further. We walked closer to the eyes and we here a low growl and the eyes started to move up and down and closer and closer. We squealed and ran flailing our arms.

So the day after this (about 4 days ago) I get on the trial and everything is looking good.
I hit the first ascent. Mooselocke (spelling?) and I realize clearly that I am not ready for this. My legs almost immediately give out and I'm just floundering up this stupid hill. 3 miles to ascend 4000 feet. Sick.

Well as a result of this little ascent and many other little guys my legs have now died. And consequentially on my descent into Franconia Notch On a rain soaked trail with slick granite and licker roots my weakened legs slipped down a root, and my ankle gave way to a rock jutting out from the trail. Upon impact My ankle a.popped b. I screamed c. I thrashed about a bit.

Unfortunately I still had like 5 miles or so to get into town on what might be a broken ankle (i'm still not sure all I know is that it hurts and I can't stand up straight). So Now I'm here in a horrid little town called lincoln, NH Where beer is $5 a bottle and meals are a minimum of 12. However on a brighter note I'm staying at this rad free hiker hostile where the caretaker was literally blown up by a msr stove a few years back then went into a 8 month coma. He's this rad hippy that received a rad settlement from MSR and whalla! New hostile. One down side is the mice in his garage that like to sleep with me. I don't really like getting bit in the chest when I'm trying to sleep. Oh well free is free eh? until next time....

Dent Burntrap.

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Catherine said...

we are pulling for you!