Monday, July 09, 2007


So it is time to depart... I should have left 2 days ago, but did anyone actually think I was going to stick to that schedule? Unlikely.

Trip in an outline:

A: (day 1) Tonight:Drive like hell to Buffalo, NY. Ms. Beth awaits

B: (day 3) Depart Buffalo arrive in Glencliff, NH Hikerswelcome? indeed they are. So says Fat Chap.

C: (day4-?) walk walk walk.

D: Stop walking. Katahdin...

E: PEI? maybe.. Baltimore? if before aug 10.

F: (Aug 22) ZOMG!!! 60 70 Ш357 \/1261|\|14 4|\||) |<1¢|< 17 Ш17# <077363>|=v¢|<5.>

So in the future I'l;l try to get to this as much as I possibly can, and hopefully in the future (aug) I'll have some recordings to put up that will without a doubt alter your Worldview and overall outlook on life.

Well byebye all and God bless.
Dent Burntrap.

Oh I forgot...

Fascist Frank-
You will pay in blood.



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