Friday, August 10, 2007

The Dregs...

So I'm sitting in caratunk, me at northernoutdoors resort and campground. A wretched wretched place. Right now there are over 200 guests here with a large percentage of them being under the age of 9. Fat little kids running around with their fat parents who come here to feel like they are getting an outdoor experience. And of course this experience is mostly focused around the in house bar they have here while these little rolly pollies tumble around. whoop! there one goes now mumbling how she wants to use the computer mwaahahaha! uh oh here comes her mom. "Is there a time limit on this?" this lady asks of me. I type this, then say, "Hmmmm..." She now walks away in a huff. Oh now she's at the front desk asking the same question.... Ha!burned. She loses. And so does her cute little bouncy ball. Man this place is awful.

Anyways, no news. Just walking. Oh I blasted out over 20 miles yesterday but I still missed the ferry across the kennebec so I forded it.... Just kiddin ma. I camped and caught a ride across this morning. I was attacked by the the stinking mice that were everywhere last night. little beasties. hate 'em. They seem to love me though. oh well. I'm out.

-Dent Burntrap

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