Sunday, August 05, 2007

stratton inn?

What's the deal with this place? So I'm in the middle of nowhere. Stratton, Me. And what do you know? A hotel that has a hotel for 15 bucks Free long distance and a laptop with a decent wireless broadband connection. I was stoked cause I thought I'd be able to put up some pics but alas nope. For this computer is running windows ME and it doesn't like my camera. What can you do eh?

So some updates...

Well, God decided to have a jokes on Dent day the other day. First, a bull moose decided that it'd be a good idea to challenge me to a duel over a hot cow moose. He lost of course (pics to come + audio commentary by me). Then Out of nowhere while I was on top of a ridge line and above the tree line just below saddleback mtn., a storm popped up and dropped nickel sized hail on me while I had to hunker down and shield myself with my pack. While I was doing that, lightening struck the trail about 200 yds or so ahead of me. After all that let up I flew over that ridge, called the family to ease their minds then blasted to the lean-to. Well, shortly thereafter here comes another line of storms and another and another all night long. These storms were blasting us (6 in the shelter) with quarter sized hail and throwing lightening everywhere. We literally could hear the tree chunks and shrapnel blast and we could smell the smoke from the smoldering trunks. trees were exploding. Well we all knew the strikes were really close but we didn't get the full picture till we woke up the next morning. In front of the shelter about 30 ft was a tree that was no longer standing. and chunks of it were lying everywhere on the ground in front of us. This tree just 30 feet in front of us had been utterly destroyed. a huge charred burn ran down the trunk of what remained, the rest of the shattered tree lay all over the place.
Needless to say I didn't get all that much sleep that night. Awesome. Well its time for a drink at the waterin hole so until next time friends,

Dent Burntrap.

Oh and since you're one of the only ones reading this Ma Burntrap, love ya.


Dent Burntrap said...

oh! yeah I've finally passed the half way marker last week. I've only got about 180 miles left now. katahdin

ETC said...

Aw, Thanks Sweetums.


rc said...

at least it was not flesh burning...hmmmm