Thursday, August 02, 2007

Another day...

I'm currently sitting in Rangely, Me public library. doo da doo da doo
Hmmmm... Well what's new? more trees, more maine, more mud, more rocks, more roots, etc etc. oh and only the coolest campsite I've seen on the trail thus far or anywhere for that matter. The ground was covered in pine duff so it was nice and soft, the spring was piped so no treating needed, the site was on a very warm pond, at this pond were three canoes for our(thru-hikers) using pleasure, it was a beautiful full and orange mooned, cloudless night, crazy animals everywhere such as moose, beaver, crazy little mice that steal toothbrushes, crazy little birds that liked hopping into laps and so on. Like I said the best place ever! So I have little more than 200 miles left so I'm about half done awesome. And the trails looking a bit better than it has so I'm pretty stoked.
Well I'm kicked off now so byebye.


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